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Speech and Smile

Speech Therapy Mini Objects Set for Articulation - Montessori Sound Objects Phonology Trinkets

Speech Therapy Mini Objects Set for Articulation - Montessori Sound Objects Phonology Trinkets

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Say & Play Speech Sounds Kit.
310 mini objects for speech therapy! Great for phonics learning too!
NOW with the option to a Sound Paths Workbook for Speech Therapy Practice!

Open up the portable case and mini objects for all speech sounds at your fingertips.
A great tool as part of speech therapy instruction or at home practice.

Fun, easy, and engaging speech therapy sound set with mini objects, sound mats, and carrier phrase cards. Practical to use in speech - language instruction and at home practice.

Traveling to different classrooms or schools? Then this is definitely for you! Includes everything you need to work on the different speech sounds and in all word positions.

310 mini objects in one convenient compartmentalized carry case to practice speech sounds in all word positions.

Mini objects are a variety of small objects, such as trinkets, 3D miniatures, charms, buttons, small toys and cabochons.
They are so engaging to children and such a fun way to learn!

Perfect for groups of kids working on multiple sounds!

~Closes securely!
~Sounds included B, P, T, D, K, G, M, N, F, V, S, Z, J, L, W, Y, H, SH, CH, ng, voiceless and voiced TH, pre and vocalic R, L-R-S Blends.
~15 objects per sound in all word positions (except /W-Y-H/ has 5 each initial position only; /ng/ and voiced
/th/ have 5 objects each medial/final position.
~Laminated speech sound cue cards included!
~Laminated letter by sound mats included!
~Laminated carrier phrase cards included!
~Laminated object list organized by speech sound word position.
~Easy reach in compartments to pick out mini objects.
~Perfect for groups of kids working on multiple sounds!

Easy to use and take to other locations, trips, classrooms, etc. Student and SLP tested! The Say & Play Speech Sound Kit with mini objects is more effective, fun and engaging when working on speech sounds. The kit is designed to be a convenient grab and go storage case that allows for efficient quick articulation drills with different groups, classrooms and locations.

 If you need an extra copy of the Sound tips, they can be downloaded here for free

FREE Speech Sound tip cards can be downloaded here

Speech Therapy Tip Cards FREE PRINTABLE Speech Therapy Cue Cards Tips – Speech and Smile

*** Choking hazard, contains small parts. Not intended for children under the age of three.

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