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Story Kit for You and Me Book-Story Kit About Teaching Empathy to Children-Sensory Differences-

Story Kit for You and Me Book-Story Kit About Teaching Empathy to Children-Sensory Differences-

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Say & Play Story Kit for the book…
You and Me
By Caley Nunnally

Mini object STORY PROPS to go with the book!
Great to use when asking questions about the story.
Engage a child in reading with the story mini objects.

~20 Story Mini objects! (Objects May vary from pictures)
~Compact case
~Laminated story prop card
*Option to include the hard cover book.

If the book is not available it can be purchased here

* It’s one thing to listen to a story, talk about a story and see the pictures. But to engage in the story with mini objects makes the story more meaningful for a child.
Story props help to support comprehension of the story.

The Say & Play Story Kits are designed to make reading more interactive and allow for a variety of language concepts to be easily addressed in speech therapy.

*Warning small parts and not intended for children under the age of three unless directly supervised.

Thank you for the interest in the Speech & Smile shop!

What is the book about?
You and Me celebrates the things that make us all different. Each of us seem the same in many ways - we all have eyes, ears, noses, and hands. But those things are also what make us very unique from one another. Our senses and responses makes the world more interesting. You may love noodles, while a friend says, "Eww, no thanks." It's these differences that make us and the world more interesting. Mine make me ME and yours make you YOU! The world was made for us to play, learn, and dream. If we were the same how boring would that be?

Includes Tips for learning and teaching Perspective Taking to guide the developmental experience at different levels and stages. And the adorable illustrations pair with the developmentally appropriate story that young readers will want to read again and again.
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