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Story Kit for Flight Lessons Book Bilingual Book English and Italian Book Lezioni di Volo

Story Kit for Flight Lessons Book Bilingual Book English and Italian Book Lezioni di Volo

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Say & Play Story Kit! Perfect for bilingual lessons with Italian and speech therapy!

Book Lezioni di Volo - Flight Lessons

Author Eleonora Romaniello 

In this delightful bilingual children's book, we follow the journey of a Robin family as they navigate the changing seasons and overcome challenges together. From winter's snowy nest-building to spring's joyous hatching of their fledglings, Lily, Louis, and Leo capture hearts with their adorable presence. While Lily and Leo eagerly embrace flying, Louis struggles with fear.

With the support of their loving parents and the forest animals, Louis musters the courage to conquer his fear and takes a daring leap into the air.

As the Robin family bids farewell to their friends, they embark on new adventures, carrying with them the lessons of perseverance, support, and the boundless beauty of the world. This captivating tale inspires readers of all ages to embrace new experiences and spread their wings.

What is a Say & Play Story Kit?

~ A compact plastic case filled with miniature objects and a story card to pair with the book and bring it to life. A fun way to engage a child in reading or interest in books!  

* It’s one thing to listen to a story, talk about a story and see the pictures. Engaging in the story with mini objects makes the story more meaningful for a child.

~25 Story Mini objects! (Objects May vary in color/style from pictures)
~Compact case
~Laminated story mat!
~Includes the bird nest! 

** Book is NOT included at this time and can be ordered here: Speech and Smile Shop's Amazon Page

The Say & Play Story Kits are designed to make reading more interactive!

*Warning small parts and not intended for children under the age of three unless directly supervised.

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Say & Play to Learn all Day!

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