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Speech and Smile

Even Elephants Love Bubbles-Book for Speech Therapy-Speech Therapy Mini Objects

Even Elephants Love Bubbles-Book for Speech Therapy-Speech Therapy Mini Objects

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Say & Play Story Kit
Even Elephants Love Bubbles
Author Lisa Phenicie
Illustrator Taryn Baker

The Say & Play Story Kits are designed to make reading more interactive and allow for a variety of language concepts to be easily addressed in speech therapy.

Mini object STORY PROPS to go with favorite books!
Great to use when asking questions about the story.

~20 Story Mini objects! (Objects colors may vary from pictures)
~Compact case
~Mini bubble tube
~Laminated story mat
*Option to include the paperback book

Book Overview
You are never too young or old to enjoy the magic of bubble play!

The words and pictures in Bubble Hunt were carefully chosen and designed to give some direction into what words, gestures, and sounds could be modeled to encourage communication. Functional language development occurs in the precious time together enjoying simple repetitive words in books and combining them with real objects (bubbles, wagon, stuffed animals) and conducted in a playful manner. The little ones won’t even notice that they are working on sound production, language (both understanding and expressing), non-verbal communication (pointing, reaching, showing), and social communication! While talking about the pictures and/or reading the words, feel free to be animated and act out the gestures/ motions, model the animal (woof, quack) and environmental sounds (pop), move the stuffed animals to varying locations (in the wagon, on Mommy’s head), encourage the imitation of the actions/words (showing big and small with hands), and blow some bubbles up high and down low! You can even expand the story to create your own hunt by hiding the animals or engage family members to blow bubbles and have your child find them. Language growth is all in the interaction and play! Enjoy the bubble fun with the whole family...young or older!

*Warning small parts and not intended for children under the age of three unless directly supervised.

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Say & Play to Learn all Day!

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