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The Llamacorn Is Kind Book-Fun Kids Book Speech Therapy

The Llamacorn Is Kind Book-Fun Kids Book Speech Therapy

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Llamacorn Is Kind
Board book
32 pages 9 by 10inches
Ages 3-10

About the Book
A fanciful cross between a llama and a unicorn, Llamacorns are cuddly, magical friends who are spreading kindness across the land.
Llamacorn land is filled with special creatures. Meet the well-known and beautiful Unicorn, the clumsy Buffalocorn, a big, blue Walruscorn, the fearsome Tigercorn, and more in this playful introduction to the land of the Llamacorn . . .
“But watch for the one who will be your friend, who will share his cookies, and play pretend, the nicest creature you’ll ever find—”
. . . who could it be but our new friend the Llamacorn! Coombs’ poetry paired with adorable illustrations, endearing characters, and a gentle message of kindness will make The Llamacorn Is Kind an instant favorite.

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