SAY AND PLAY Communication Kits

Say and Play Communication Kits are engaging alphabet, speech therapy, number and sensory kits to work on communication skills. Practical and effective tools to incorporate into learning letters, sound, counting and overall communication skills. Designed for caregivers, teachers and speech language therapists to use with communication delayed, neuro diverse and typically developing children.  All products are child, parent, SLP and teacher tested. The convenient “grab and go” storage cases are so portable and easy to use with different groups, classrooms, locations, etc. 
Features for all kits
~ Engaging and effective
~ Fun mini objects
~ Functional and practical
~ Portable 
~ Close securely
~ Very organized
~ Time saver
Do you need coaching on how to use your Say & Play Kit throughout  instructional strategies and speech therapy? Check out speechandsmiletherapy.com to see our Kits & Coaching services we offer! 

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